Assam Baghjan Village Blockaded After Protests Over Delay In Compensation

August 7, 2021

Over a month ago, the Assam Baghjan villagers of Bangladesh blocked the main access point of the Bangladesh-boarder road in protest against the delay in compensation claim for their missing loved ones. The region has been affected by the earthquake and flood that have devastated the village. There has not been any let up in the activities as the government has not been able to compensate the victims adequately even though the area is safe and the infrastructure has not been destroyed. A large number of villagers from this district have since joined other displaced people from other districts in demanding compensation for their loss.

The chief obstacle in the way of the compensation claim is a lack of communication between the local residents and the Bangladesh government. The main communication channel has been the local daily Tarunboru TV station, which has been repeatedly interrupted by residents due to power cuts. The station is also denying the requests for comment from the families who have lost their loved ones due to the disaster.

The chief challenge in the way of the compensation claim in this case is the lack of communication between the district authorities and the relatives of the deceased. The lack of adequate communication has resulted in a gap in information and therefore the compensation process cannot be completed in a fair and unbiased manner. Another major challenge is the failure of the local district administration to communicate effectively with the relatives and the families. The chief motive for the failure on the part of the administration is the shortage of funds. Most of the villagers are earning low wages and do not have means to send their family members home. Most of them rely on government welfare schemes to meet their basic needs.

The lack of adequate compensation settlements has resulted in a major erosion in the social values of the Assam Baghjan community. The families have expressed deep concern that they will not be able to return to their old lifestyle if the case proceeds to a full settlement. Many of them have even shifted to other nearby villages. The Assam Baghjan villagers block the main road in protest against the delay in compensation. They have blocked the main road for three consecutive days in order to pressurize the authorities into accepting their demands for the settlement of the compensation claims.

The families have insisted on the fair settlement after local officials promised them timely compensation as per the declaration by the court. However, the district authorities have maintained that there is absolutely no scope for discussion as the victims of the accident have not filed a case against anyone. The district officials maintained that there is absolutely no likelihood of the victims of the accident applying for any form of financial assistance from outside sources. They maintained that if the families want cash for compensation they can approach the local court or the tribal elders.

The protestors however, are not entirely convinced with this approach. They have demanded that the Assam Baghjan villagers are given an opportunity to return to their village to claim their right compensation. Local officials have indicated that they would consider their request if the families can present proper documents relating to their personal injury cases. The villagers however, are hopeful of getting compensation soon. They have also demanded that the state take immediate action and supply compensation quickly so that they can resume their daily lives.


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